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Become a PoSP!

Earn part-time income in your free-time

Advantage of PoSP

In 2015, India’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) decided to allow a uniqu type of insurance intermediary called the POSP or “Point Of Sale Person”. The main aim was to get more potential customers in touch with their insurance agents.

IRDAI has made it necessary for every insurance intermediary to possess a certain set of qualifications, certifications, and endorsements to assist customers in buying or taking out an insurance policy.

Eligibility to become PoSP

  • 18 years age
  • 10th pass
  • 15 hours certified training
  • No agencies

Insurances allowed to sell

  • Life Insurance
  • Non-Life Insurance
    •  Motor insurance
    •  Home insurance
    •  Travel insurance
    •  Health insurance


The point of sales person is the carrier agent who sells insurance policies to the customers who walk in and inquire about the insurance products. He helps the customer fill in the required details on a CRT or other application form and then verifies it. Suppose there is any possibility of misinforming the customer or misleading him. In that case, the agent should avoid that and tell the customer the right information to buy the insurance policy without any hassles. He gets a commission on the sales at a certain percentage, and this is his salary.

Becoming a PoSP in the insurance industry is the promotion ladder is quite long and challenging, so that one may learn a lot of new concepts and skills while progressing; initially, they would be an agent who can be upgraded to an advisor and finally to a PoSP. A PoSP is considered as a Facilitator, i.e., one who brings the insurer and customers together so that the insurer can transact business. Being a PoSP is an interesting job as it involves interacting with the customers, understanding their needs, quoting the best suitable packages, marketing the insurers’ products, getting the business, generating leads, and servicing the customers. In addition to this, a PoSP is responsible for generating new business, cross-selling and up-selling, maintaining the branch’s profitability and managing the entire branch operations, motivating his branch team, and recruiting new agents.

If you are good at sales & have an affinity for insurance, you should become PoSP. PoSP gets a kick out that they are helping their customers make smarter financial decisions. They provide their valuable customers with high-quality and innovative products that they are even willing to pay the extra premium for it.

If you are thinking of an insurance career, then becoming a Point of Sales (POS) person would be a good shot. If you would like to be in sales, then this is a good option to start with. Insurance industry is a very large industry and the demand for good sales people is always there. In the recent times, sales has become more important than the technical knowledge of the products. One of the things that make it important is that there is no age limit.

It is possible for a housewife to become a Point of Sales Person in a very short time. There are a few things that they will have to keep in mind while choosing this particular career option. They need to be aware that they will be working on a commission basis, which means they will receive a percentage of their sales. They will have to spend a lot of time in the field, so they need to do proper research on the available smartphone POS systems and choose the right one according to their business requirements. They should also be aware of the challenges they will have to face since the competition in this sector is very high. They should also keep in mind that their professional job could disrupt home management.

There are no formal educational requirements to work as a ‘Person of Sales Person’ in an insurance company. However, such a position requires an in-depth knowledge of the product and customers. There should be a strong understanding of the insurance product, the service delivery mechanism, and the sales process. The Person of Sales will be able to sell the product to the customer by building rapport, negotiating the sales, getting customer commitment, and executing the sale.

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